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URL Encoder / Decoder tool

The URL Encoder/Decoder, available on, is a must-have tool for webmasters, developers, and digital marketers who work with URLs containing special characters or non-English text. Encoding and decoding URLs is essential for ensuring that they are properly formatted and can be easily shared, accessed, and indexed by search engines. The URL Encoder/Decoder enables you to convert URLs into a standardized format, making it simple to manage and maintain your website's links and enhancing your site's overall performance.

How to use the URL Encoder / Decoder

Using the URL Encoder/Decoder is incredibly straightforward. To encode a URL, paste the original URL into the input field, and the tool will instantly generate an encoded version, converting special characters and non-English text into a format that can be safely transmitted and understood by web browsers and servers. To decode a URL, paste the encoded URL, and the tool will revert it back to its original form. By ensuring your URLs are properly encoded and decoded, you can maintain the integrity of your website's links and improve its search engine indexing. Optimize your URLs with the URL Encoder/Decoder on