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Mozrank Checker tool

The Mozrank Checker, available on, is a valuable tool for webmasters, SEO professionals, and digital marketers who want to assess the strength and authority of their websites. Mozrank is a metric developed by Moz, a leading SEO company, that measures the quality and popularity of a website's backlinks. A higher Mozrank indicates a more authoritative and reputable website, which can lead to improved search engine rankings and increased organic traffic. With the Mozrank Checker, you can quickly and easily evaluate your site's Mozrank, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and enhance your overall SEO strategy.

How to use the free Moz domain rank checker

Using the Mozrank Checker is incredibly simple. Enter the URL of the website you want to evaluate, and the tool will instantly provide you with the Mozrank score, ranging from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest. In addition to the Mozrank score, the tool also displays the total number of backlinks and the number of unique domains linking to your website. By analyzing this data, you can develop a better understanding of your site's backlink profile and make informed decisions about your link-building strategy. Strengthen your website's authority and improve your SEO performance with the Mozrank Checker on